DinoLegacy Chapter Seven: Blackout

Stay DOWN! Ryan shouts at Alpha as he catches the dragon dagger Johnathan threw at him. Trading blow for blow, the red and green rangers are evenly matched. “We have to get them out of here,” Christina tells Alpha. As the Rangers battle the dark rangers Alpha activates the teleportation console, “Get them to the center of the telepad”. “Where are you sending them,” Calvin asks Alpha as he flips over Tosha and pins her down. “The Morphing Grid, if I'm correct, the teleportation rays will activate the crystals and act as a filter to cleanse the dark energies”.

“Do it” Ryan says. Christina fights Delvin back as she pushes him into the center of then telepad. 

Tosha uses her pink energy to force Calvin off of her sending him crashing back into the ships viewing screen. Ryan headbutts Johnathan knocking him off balance. As he gains composure, he is again caught off guard by Ryans boot smashing into his face sending him into the center of the telepad. Tosha leaps from across the ship at Clavin only to be met with a power dagger stopping her midair at the center of the telepad. Now with the 3 Dark Rangers lined up on the telepad, Alpha activates the teleportation.

As the teleportation ray begins to teleport them away, Johnathan uses his dragon energy to suck in Ryan and the others. As the rangers become trapped by the teleportation ray and dragon energy, Delvin fires a shot from his side blaster at the teleportation console altering its course. Noooo! Alpha cries out as the rangers teleport to a location unknown. 

Alpha looks at the damaged console frantically trying to repair it to find the displaced rangers as they could be anywhere in the galaxy. Unbeknownst to him, the rangers are teleported into an apartment complex in Downtown Los Angeles, California. The teleportation ray became unstable by the dark dragon energy causing it to explode in a violent lightning strike upon contact with the building, fracturing its foundation. 

The Rangers come to focus covered in rubble. Screams and cries can be heard coming from all directions. Calvin pushes a piece of the wall off of him as he sees Tosha moving from the debris. Tosha! He calls out as more pieces of the ceiling fall around them. Cries from an elevator near them rang out. “It’s people trapped,” Christina says making her way to the elevator. Ryan reached out his hand, “Calvin, we have to help these people, we’ll get them back, I promise” he reassures as they watch the Dark Rangers make their way out of the collapsing building. 

Guys over here! Christina calls out as she pulls open the elevator door. “Everyone out, hurry” she commands the tenets. They began making their way out when an older man is knocked back against the elevator wall as the cable holding it snaps. As the elevator free falls towards the ground, Ryan flies through the elevator shaftway throwing his power sword at the wall. 

Landing on top of it, he catches the cable, stopping its descent as Christina soars down onto the elevator. Screams and cries ring out throughout the apartment complex. “Help them, we got this” Ryan tells Calvin as he began to make his way over to the cries of a child in apartment 804. 

Christina lands on top of the elevator and rips open the hatch on top. The older gentleman is knocked unconscious from the rapid pause in momentum. The latch that the cable is hooked on begins to detach. “Aye, Tina! You better hurry” Ryan yells out as he notices the cable. Christina jumps down into the elevator. She turns the man over into his back and checks for a pulse. “He’s alive” she yells back. She picks the man up and cradles him in her arms. The cable holding the elevator detaches. Time slows as Christina jumps through the opening at the top of the elevator as it’s sent rocketing towards the ground. She grabs the cable with her left hand as Ryan whips her upwards adjacent to him as he kicks off the wall pushing them into the hallway. 

The elevator crashes into the ground below as Ryan commands his weapon back into his hand. Ryan tells the people around to take him and use the staircase to exit the building. Christina looks around for Calvin. She catches him kicking open an apartment down the hall when he is sent flying back into the hall by an explosion. Calvin! She cries out as she races to his aid. The ground beneath her gives way, sending her to ground level. 

Ryan catches the collapsing wall to his right with his right hand as he throws his power sword (blunt end) at the wall to the right of Calvin knocking it away from him. Calvin rolls to his side away from the broken wall and makes his way back inside the apartment. People began to make their way out of the apartment crying for the safety of their loved ones. Bystanders begin to render aid and call for emergency services. Calvin enters the doorway and sees the burnt bodies of a father holding his son. Frozen with guilt, Calvin is crushed by the collapsing ceiling caused by the explosion. Ryan not knowing Calvin reentered the apartment, jumps down into the hole Christina fell through to escape the collapsing ceiling. As the emergency services raced to the location, bystanders began to run away from the building as it began to level. Ryan pushes Christina and 3 others out of the way as he is buried by the crumbling building. 

As Christina picks herself up, she is met with deafening sirens and cries as she stares hopelessly at the spot that was once a 20 story apartment complex. Calling out to Ryan & Calvin, she falls to her knees defeated, Tosha appears behind her with her power bow drawn. She fires a shot filled with dark pink energy hitting her in the spine demorphing her. She teleports away with the other Dark Rangers. Christina lie motionless on the ground as bystanders stare in confusion and fear. 

Back on Alphas ship

While working on the teleportation console, Alpha sends a power surge throughout the ship to get the power back up. The entire ship awakens. “Yes,” He says with joy. As the ship powers up, the viewing screen turns on. 

Alpha tells the ship to locate the Power Rangers. The viewing screen turns to a Los Angeles Local New Station. 

He watches the screen as the on-sight anchor explains what happened to viewers. The cameraman pans over to an ambulance loading a civilian. Ms. Christina, No! He says stumbling back into the main console. His hand pushing a button on the console that plays a prerecorded video of Zordon. If I should fall, look to the moon. During the video, Alpha watches as he is instructed on what to do as coordinates display an unknown location on earth's moon. As the location is revealed, a pocket of space opens up in front of him in bright white light. Take my power and bless one with the spirit of a Tiger. 

A golden power coin lined with silver and diamond comes through the light and lands in Alphas' hand. 

She can bond one with this coin, She will guide the light, She is the key the recording says before ending. Alpha zooms in on the location and finds Ritas capsule at its peak. FUCK! He says slamming the coin on the console.


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