DinoLegacy Chapter Nine: Outcome of Dreams: Part Two

Melissa hits the ground as Scorpina stands over her. “You will never get to empress Repulsa, even if you had an army,” she says stepping down on Melissa’s chest. “I am thee, general in Rita’s army. What chance do you have to against me” Scorpina, snarls while charging her death’a’rang for a fatal blow. “Who says I’m alone” Melissa, snaps back as Saba, her trusted guardian, and weapon whips through the air and slices Scorpina’s throat. She falls backward as Melissa, flips backward landing on her feet as Saba returns to her hand. “Close one buddy,” she says turning her back. “It’s not that easy, never let your guard down on a general like Scorpina” Saba warns Melissa. She starts to turn back around towards Scorpina and is met by a laughing combatant. Bloom! Melissa is launched back 200ft by the blast from the crazed general. As the white ranger picks herself up, she notices she hit another invisible ray as a 2nd capsule opens. As Scorpina’s laugh is heard from the distance, a huge figure emerges from the capsule in a cloud of dust. “What is that” Melissa, questions as the wings of this figure spread clearing the dust. “Goldar” Saba, says frightened. ROAR! Goldar cries out as he launches towards the white ranger.

“Hello Vonté, good to see you again,” Mr. Taylor says while gesturing for him to take a seat next to Malaiah. “I’ll just wait out here, ok” Christina assures Vonté while smiling at Laysha. Tina locks eyes with Mr. Taylor. “It’s oddly familiar,” Mr. Taylor says while looking at Christina. “What is she asks”, “you, your voice, you” he responds as they both seem relaxed around each other. Vonté looks around confused as Malaiah looks at both Tina and then her teacher. “Y’all know each other or something,” she asks Tina. Vonté breaks the awkward silence by telling Tina she can wait outside. She snaps back to reality and nods at Vonté and shuts the door behind her. “I’m sorry you guys, it was like seeing a friend you haven’t met before, or have and forgot, I don’t know. My apologies” Calvin says while opening his notebook to begin talking about the incident with Malaiah.

WHAM! Melissa’s face is slammed into the surface of the moon. She is then kicked back by Goldar. SLICE! She is slit by Scorpina and her boomerang of pain. Ahhhh! She yells out as she is then punched with such force, she is sent flying backward. “She stands not a chance against us my friend,” Scorpina says to Goldar as she rests her weapon on her shoulder. Goldar takes flight as they ready for a 2nd attack on the white ranger. “I can’t do this” Melissa, says to herself as she begins to show doubt. Saba flies out of her hand jolting her back to focus. “You can do this, and I’m going you help you. You are a coin bearer for a reason. Don’t give in just yet. We still have work to do” he says while heading up towards Goldar for battle. Melissa shakes her fear off and stands ready for battle. “I got this,” she says to herself as Scorpina’s laugh rings out in the distance.

Back on Earth

The Vibration tells Delvin to open the cage the corrupt are in. They all walk out being lead by the little girl holding the mangled corpse of her puppy. “Set free the city,” the Vibration says in a calm, beautiful, distorted tone. The corrupt all run past the rangers and down the building like spiders they were being held into the city infecting and attacking anyone they see. Panic ensued as citizen after citizen is attacked and killed or corrupted. Local news networks all reporting on what’s happening in Downtown Los Angeles as they Livestream the chaos to viewers as they warn to get inside and pray. As residents watch in fear, they are met with a glimpse of hope as the National Guard and Armed Forces are sent into the fray pushing back the corrupt. As the Vibration watches from the top of the Citi Bank Building in the center of DTLA, he sends the Dark Rangers into the field. The Pink ranger stops. “I won’t do this, you promised children wouldn’t get hurt,” she says looking down at the little girls' dead puppy she left behind on the ground in front of her. The green and blue rangers stop and look at Tosha as the Vibration approaches her. “Did you forget what I’ve shown you?” he says as he grabs her by the neck and forces the vision of peace for her and Calvin playing on Planet Eltar in a grass field oasis with their 3 children. Tosha yells out in pain as the rush of dark energy runs through her. Calvin's incubation tube shakes as his body begins to glow black with energy. Tosha is then dropped to her knees. “Do you want that?. Only I can give you that. But you have to help me” he says while extending his hand out for her. She takes his hand as he helps her up. “I can’t do this without all of you,” he says while extending his other hand to Delvin and Johnathan. “The corrupted are key to the planet. You 3 are key to the remaining coin bearers. Then you 5 are the key to peace, NOW TAKE THEM OUT” he commands as he floats up into the heavens aiming a dark ball of energy at the line of S.W.A.T trucks making their way into DTLA.

BLOOM! The trucks are blasted into pieces as parts fly in all directions slicing and impelling citizens and corrupt in the area. As the green and blue ranger leap off the building to battle the Armed Forces, the pink ranger charges up her power bow as she jumps off the skyscraper aiming a fully charged power arrow at a team of LAPD officers helping a small batch of people run free from the incoming corrupt. As she readies to release the arrow, the thought of having her children safe and living the rest of her life with Calvin in a peace she’s never known wasn’t worth taking that away from the families her weapon is set on. In mid-fall, she shifts her body and turns her attention towards the Vibration, and releases the arrow. BOOM! Ahhhhhhh! The Vibration yells in pain as he is hit with the full force of the Power Bow. The Vibration crashes into the side of the buildings as he makes his descent down from the heavens like a fallen star. THURLUM! He hits the street below. The pink ranger rushes over to the police and helps the citizens get to safety. “Behind me” she commands as she ready her bow for a 2nd shot. The corrupt all stop and surround the Vibration as they screech and cry out. The police and Armed Forces all draw their weapons at the corrupt lining up with the Pink Ranger for battle.

Alpha panics as he tries to understand what’s happening to Calvin as he’s now encased in black energy.

As Johnathan makes light work of a few policemen and armed forces, he is shot by a tank making its way onto the battlefield. He picks himself up and draws the Dragon Dagger.

He then slaps the 2nd shot from the tank into the building to his left and jumps towards the tank slicing the barrel in half mid-flight before landing on the tank itself and ripping open the top with his bare hands. He reaches inside and pulls out one of the occupants and prepares to drive the dagger into his chest when he stops. The soldier begins to punch and kick the ranger as he is not going down without a fight. “What are you waiting for!” the soldier cries out. “Push Through,” Johnathan says to the soldier as he lets him go. The soldier picks himself up off of the ground and takes the concealed weapon out and fires multiple shots off at Johnathan as he runs away. As the bullets hit and ricochet off of his helmet, he has a vision of army training in the past with his best friend Darren Derrans. They became inseparable as they trained together and made fun of how Darren’s parents named him Darren when his last name is Derrans. They always had each other’s back and pushed each other to be the best they could be, and when the tough times hit. They always made a promise to Push Through. Johnathan comes to and spots Darren and a few other soldiers fighting some corrupt. As one soldier falls to the corrupt, Darren is then knocked into a nearby car with the remaining two soldiers. As the corrupt began to claw and rip the flesh from the soldiers, the green ranger powers in like a raging bull knocking the corrupt back for yards. He kneels to the wounded soldiers. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight,” he says while tying the torn sleeve from Darren's shirt around the thigh of the other soldier. Screeches are heard in the background as the corrupt approach from behind. The soldier to the left of Johnathan draws his weapon and points it to his helmet. As Darren pushes back into the car trying to back away from the green ranger, Johnathan demorphs his helmet. BLAH! The soldier shoots.

The bullet disintegrates as it reaches his skull as the green power coin protects him. I’m so sorry brother Johnathan says as he held his head down to submit to the soldiers. Darren places his hand over the gun of his brother. Johnathan, he calls as the corrupt closes in on them. The soldier with the gun fires a shot off at the corrupt hitting it in the chest before it could attack the green ranger. Johnathan turn on knee as the corrupt are 5inches from tearing them to shreds, blows into his dragon dagger. FLOOM! The corrupt are sent flying in all directions as he ready for battle. The soldiers all ready their weapons to back the green ranger. They all help each other up and stand with Johnathan. Darren looks to his brothers, “we got this. Push through”. They all open fire at the incoming horde of corrupt making their way towards them.

Alpha turns his attention towards Christina as she is now consumed by yellow energy. “What is happening rangers. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do” he says nervously while scattering to help them.

Delvin slices upwards with his power lance taring open a S.W.A.T truck from the front then slicing downward ripping it clean through separating one of the swat guys' arm in the process. He is shot in the back by a police officer. The Blue ranger tosses his weapon at the officer obliterating him while impelling another in one move. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Round after Round. Delvin is hot with a barrage of bullets from the surrounding officers and swat. He jumps into the air, powers up his fist in blue energy, and comes down and punches the ground with such force the pavement itself crumbles as the shockwave sends then law enforcement flying.

Delvin spots a civilian to the right of him crawling backward away from him slowly as he was hurt from the shockwave. He starts walking towards him. “Stay away from me! Help! Help!” The man yells. Delvin lifts his left arm and the power lance flies into his hand. He grabs the lance with both hands and readies to stab the innocent man. The man covers his face with his arms as he prepares for the end. Daddy No! a small voice is heard crying out from the car backseat to the left of him. Delvin stops and turns his attention towards the car. He throws his power lance at the car impelling it just narrowly missing the little boy inside. Ryan! The man yells out as he crawls towards the car his son is in. The boy cries out for his father. “You stay the fuck! away from my son you son of a bitch!” The man cries out at Delvin. “Ryan stay there, stay down. God! Help me” he yells out. The man throws a rock at the blue ranger he managed to get his hands on. It hits Delvin dead in the chest. BOOM! The door shuts to the bedroom. As Ryan and Delvin kiss and undress each other, they bump into the dresser and knock over a picture frame. Ryan bends down and picks it up. “You remember this babe. This was the moment I knew you were the one” he says while placing the broken picture frame on the dresser. Delvin turns and takes a look at the picture and sees them both at the Santa Monica Pier on their 3 anniversary. He smiles as he picks up the picture. “This was the moment I realized that being black and gay was still DEATH in these streets. It made me want to take a swim in the waters and get lost. Make it easy for everyone. The that Lil guy with his dad said HEY, leave them alone. They’re cool. I like his hat”. Delvin laughed then continued his story.

“Having that Lil man stand up for me and to not only have his dad step in but to say we were with them and that I was his eldest son so they didn’t want an issue with him, was the moment I needed. We needed. I’ll never forget Clark. A 37-year-old truck driver taking his youngest son to the pier for Daddy Son day because he never got to take his eldest because he was embarrassed that he was gay and his son was killed at a bar for being gay. He promised that whenever he gets the chance he will let any man, woman, or child know that they are ok. They are meant to be here. That they have a friend, brother, father in him. That was the day I chose to live. The day I chose the man I’m proud to be. The man I’m” - RYAN! The man yells out as he’s helpless to save his son in the car being attacked by corrupt.

“Power Lance!” His weapon flies to him. Delvin jumps into the corrupt laying waste to them all. He clears the surrounding corrupt and rips the door off of the car. Little Ryan looks at the Blue ranger. “Stay away from him!” The man Yells at Delvin. Ryan climbs out of the car and looks at Delvin. He looks at his dad. He looks back at Delvin. He runs over to his dad and hugs him. Ryan looks at Delvin. “Thanks for not hurting my dad” he hugs his dad and cries. Delvin notices more corrupt coming towards them. He also noticed police surrounding him with weapons drawn. Delvin looks at the man and little Ryan. “I know my word means nothing, but I’m going to keep you all safe”. He looks back at the officers. “Once this is all over, you will have me,” he says calmly as he stands guard ready to face the incoming horde.

The Vibration picks himself up off of the ground. “You insufferable child” he snarls at Tosha. “You will all pay for this,” he says while charging up for an attack. OPEN FIRE! The police chief yells out. Blah! Bling! Bloom! Shots from handguns, semiautomatic weapons, and launchers go off. The corrupt all surround the Vibration as they take the blunt attack. Tosha releases another fully charged-up attack from her power bow. Johnathan charges into the horde of corrupt as his brothers in arms back him. Delvin launches his power lance into the horde of corrupt as the surrounding officers help him in the attack as the remaining guard the man and little Ryan.

Alpha is overwhelmed by the rangers in their incubation tubes as all three are encased in black, yellow, and red energy. The command center begins to shake as the rangers energy begins to shatter the incubation units. Delvin and the other rangers give it everything they have to push back the corrupt with the help of the citizens. Alpha begins to back away from the rangers as their energy explodes in a roar of Jurassic energy. “Oh! I get it now! All coins are fully aligned. Go Rangers” he says as he watches Ryan, Calvin, and Christina awaken from their coma as Delvin, Tosha, and Johnathan all begin to glow with energy as they face the corrupt. Melissa catches Scorpina’s foot and snaps he leg as she knocks her down and slides underneath Goldar and slices upwards from the ground striking him in the back. He falls forward. She begins to glow with white energy as she punched Goldar square between his wings splitting them apart.

The Rangers Ryan, Calvin, Christina, Tosha, Delvin, Johnathan, and Melissa all begin to float as a vision of Vonté telling them to ready for the greatest battle of their lives. They all float in an encased ball of energy as Vonté is revealed to be Rita sending them visions, connecting them all to lock in the bonding with the coins to face the Vibration, the corrupt Zordon. As the rangers all land and are fully aware of what’s ahead, Alpha calls in on all of their helmet dashboards. “Hey! Everyone. It’s good to see the full set. All alive and awake. I see that Rita has been awakened” he says looking at the viewing console as the command center is fully charged and operational. Ryan, Calvin, and Christina all turn their attention to the console. As Goldar picks herself up off of the ground, the 3rd and final invisible ray unlock Rita’s capsule. As the rangers on earth fight off the corrupt, they get a live video feed from Melissa’s view of Rita on their dashboards. The Vibration stops his attack and looks at the moon. He screeches so loud that it shatters the surrounding buildings and car windows. All of the corrupt stop moving as frozen in place. The Rangers and law enforcement all stop attacking as they become confused by the sudden stop. The Vibration launches up into the sky towards the moon screeching the whole time. Alpha tells the rangers to power up. They all morph. Mastodon! Saber-Toothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! “Get Ready! Okay! Bye!” Alpha, says teleporting all 6 rangers to the moon. Delvin, Johnathan, and Tosha are all sucked up into the heavens with a thunderstorm of power and energy as they all meet up with the remaining red, yellow, and black rangers mid-flight. “So we fight together or die together,” Tosha says while looking at the other rangers. “Well that’s nice and all but ima die alone” Melissa, yells out as Rita walks towards her.

Scorpina and Goldar both bow to their empress. Goldar looks at the white ranger and prepares to attack her when Rita stops him. “Today, we are not enemies,” she says to the both of them as she steps to Melissa, “You’re strong, he always had a knack for choosing the right ones,” she says while conjuring her staff. “Today we face the most powerful being in the universe, Zordon. A corrupt one at that”. Scorpina and Goldar all line up with the white ranger as they watch corrupt Zordon rocket towards the moon.


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