DinoLegacy Chapter Nine: Outcome of Dreams: Part One

“Ryan! Ryan, babe wake up. You’ve been sleeping all day” Delvin says while setting Ryan's clothes for the day on the dresser. “The celebrity client that’s giving us all that money, wouldn’t want to think you’re not serious,” he says while handing a cup of coffee to now awake Ryan. “The client will be at the office in 30”. “Well thank God we live upstairs” Ryan, says while walking into the bathroom to shower. Delvin buttons his shirt and grabs his car keys. “I'm going to make a quick run to the donut shop up the street before the meeting,” he says while walking out the door. As Ryan showers, his phone begins to ring. “Hey, Alexa! Pause music”. He dries off his hands and grabs his phone. “Mr. Kwan speaking”, “Hello Mr. Kwan, this is Vonté Santana, the Marketing Campaign Manager for Tina Hart. We are a little ahead of schedule and are waiting in the lobby”. Ryan shuts off the shower and runs out of the bathroom to put the clothes on laid out. “No worries at all, I’ll be there in 5,” he says while fumbling to put on socks. “Perfect. See you soon,” Vonté says as he hangs up the phone. Ryan hurries to put on his pants while sending a text to Delvin asking him to stall with the client as he finishes dressing.

Delvin walks into the lobby and meets Tina Hart. “Hello, I’m Delvin. I’ll be working this with Mr. Kwan, so please follow me upstairs to room 3”. While inside the elevator, Delvin gets the text from Ryan telling him to stall. “This is an amazing opportunity for you to reach 50% more potential customers with the strategy that Mr. Kwan put together. I know that with your talents and our push, you will be the next household name in fitness”. Christina gleams with excitement. “I believe so Mr? Delvin?” She questions. “It’s Michales, but call me Delvin” he responds with a smile. The elevator opens to the 3rd floor. “Here, to the left” he instructed Christina “Tina” Hart and her small team. As they walk past room 1 and a lobby with a live tree in the center. “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Well besides an Apple Store” Vonté says in surprise. Delvin stops and gives them a small story about how the tree was imported from Ryans great grandmother’s home back in Vietnam. “It was placed in this very building by my grandparents when they started this law firm” Ryan says while stepping out of a 2nd elevator. “This very tree reminds me that everyone who walks through these doors is family. And here, we act in the best interest of family”. Ryan smiles and nods at Delvin as he ushers Tina and her team towards the office they will be speaking. As Tina and her team walk inside and take their seats, Ryan takes the donuts Delvin was carrying and kissed him on the forehead. “They’re all buttered up and ready for the KO” Delvin jokes while rubbing Ryan’s back as they walk towards the office. “Well, don’t miss your swing,” Ryan says to Delvin. He pauses at the doorway. “What do you mean don’t miss,” he asks looking confused. “This is one of our biggest hits. You have to take this. It’s your family name. I can’t be the one to mess this up”. Ryan grabs Delvin's hand. “You got this”. Ryan walks in and takes a seat at the table with everyone else and sets out the donuts. Delvin takes a deep breath and shuts the door behind him. “Ok y’all, Let’s get started”.

“Ok, You are now the only one that can get this done. But I caution you, Rita is not to be trusted, but we must. So watch yourself and trust your instincts White Ranger” Alpha tells Melissa. “Okay, so my grandpa was a blue ranger and all of these other rangers are the grandkids of the other rangers?! Am I right”? She asks. Yuppppppp! Alpha replies. “So one more important thing Alpha? Why am I not the blue ranger?”. Alpha begins to explain. “In short, the coins aren’t bound by bloodlines but by spirit. You all have the blood of heroes running through you and the coins senses that when they are searching for new bearers. In this case, it’s pure coincidence that you are all descendants of past rangers. Well not Mr. Michaels but 5 out of 6 ain’t bad” He says with joy. “Now when you land, you’re going to look for an oddly shaped rock structure. That will be where Rita is. Be careful but hurry Melissa” Alpha says while looking down at Ryans in the incubator. “Hey, can you tell me about Zordon,” Melissa asks. “He was a great leader, mentor, friend, brother. He gave his life to save the universe by sacrificing himself so that all can live in peace. But his essence was captured in the Shadow Realm, a place said to be the start of all things dark”. Alpha takes a deep breath and takes a moment. “Zordon, my friend was corrupted by that thing calling itself the Vibration. The only way to save Zordon is to cleanse the Vibration out of him, but that would take all of you rangers to do so and that is why I believe he’s trying to corrupt you all or kill you. If he has just one of you, he limits the risk of unbinding with Zordon”. “Why Zordon tho?” Melissa asks. “Because Zordon has a pure spirit, and with that, he can manipulate the minds and hearts of anything or anyone it can influence. Hence the corrupted”.

“So I guess in order to save the universe. We have to save the Vibration” Melissa states as she enters the moon's atmosphere. “Ok, enough chitchat. Be ready when you land. It may or will be guards as Rita always has a failsafe in place” Alpha warns Melissa as she lands on the moon. “Ok, I’m on the freaking moon! Omg! I’m on the moon” She says jumping up and down. “Ok, why am I able to jump like normal on the moon?” She asks Alpha. “It’s your suit. And I think Okay is your favorite word. You keep - we keep saying it” He shares with a smile in his voice. “Okay, I get it. But which way do I walk” she asks. “Go straight and you should see it” he responds. “Oka - GOTCHA!” Melissa says while throwing a thumbs up and starting her journey towards Rita’s capsule.

“With everything you laid out, how can I not have you represent me and my brand. Kwan, Michaels, my pin is aching” Tina says while tapping it on the table. Ryan hands her the contract and she signs. “I overheard you by the door Mr. Michaels, Delvin. You are an excellent attorney and salesman. Don’t question it” Christina says while handing him the contract. “Anyone you recommend to head my marketing or anything for social media, I’ll know I’m in good hands”. Ryan sits back in his chair staring at Delvin. Vonté's phone begins to ring. Hello? He asks. “Hi! This is Mr. Taylor, Malaiah’s teacher. There’s been an incident in class and I’m holding an emergency conference with you and the other student's parents. Can you make it today after class, at 3?” He asks. “Sure thing. I’ll be there”. “Thank you, see you then”. Mr. Taylor hangs up. Christina turns to Vonté and asks him if everything was ok. “It’s my nieces' teacher. We have an emergency meeting at 3. Sounds like the same issue” he explains. “Is everything ok? Delvin asks out of concern. “Uhh. Just kids being kids. Making fun because she’s being raised by her uncle because her mom's on drugs and her dad's in jail. You know, stupid kids”. Christina shakes her head. “My eldest is 11. Kayla or butter bean” she smiles. “Kids are cruel. They poke at her all the time because she’s in a one-parent household. They just don’t or won’t understand that things happen. It doesn’t mean you are less than or anything. But she’s a tough kid, sometimes to a fault. I’m always getting called in because she’s broken someone’s nose” she says somewhat embarrassed. “That’s what I know this meeting is about with Laysha” Vonté chimes in laughing. Ryan stands up. “Well if you guys need any legal help with that, you have our number”. They all shake hands and walk towards the door as the meeting concluded. “We will be in touch soon with the first order of business” Delvin says while shaking Christina’s hand. “Oh! Can I take one of those to go?” Vonté says pointing at the donuts. Christina looks him up and down judging. “What! I’m not the fitness queen, you are” he says while taking the donut and walking out the door mocking her. “One, Two, Three, Four. You can do it Vonté, just Four more, you got this!”. She smiles and reassures Ryan and Delvin that’s she’s not like that.

Delvin pulls up her Instagram account. He laughed and shows her the phone. It’s her doing the exact thing to a client. They all laughed as they walked her to the elevator where Vonté is doing squats. “We’re almost there. I can see it. The finish line” Vonté jokes. Tina pops the back of his head. “Stop! It’s not funny” she says looking at him as he’s embarrassing her. He stops and swallows the rest of the donut. “I knew you guys were a great fit. You’re family”. Ryan says to them. The elevator doors open up and they walk in. “Bye”. Tina says to Ryan while holding Vonté’s arm. “Until we meet again” he responds. The elevator door closes. “What’s wrong babe?” Delvin asks as he noticed Ryan in deep thoughts. “Feels like I know her. Like I KNOW! her,” he says. Delvin looks at him with a confused look. “Well, we all just met today soooooooo yeah! Let’s go get this started,” he says while pulling Ryan away from the elevator.

“Alpha it feels like I’ve been walking for hours. I don’t see anything like at all” Melissa tells Alpha. “Just keep going, I promise it’s there,” he says while confirming with the scanner. “Let’s see what these powers mixed with ex-track star can do,” She says while launching forward. “Wooo! These are sooo cool” she lets out with excitement as she picks up running speed. Omg! How fast am I going? She says to herself as the speed she’s running at displays on her in-helmet infotainment screen. 69mph the screen shows. “I can go faster,” she says as she gains more speed. 75mph. 87mph. 106mph. “OMG! This is crazy. Hahaha,” she cries out with joy. As she’s making her way towards Rita’s capsule Alpha calls in. “The scanner shows two other capsules near Rita’s. They weren’t there before but then again, fail safes. Be alert Mel. Is. Melis”… Alpha cuts out. “Hello! Alpha! Can you hear me!” Melissa calls out. “Must be the distance or something” she says to herself as she sprints forward. As she spots the rock structure ahead she is tripped by an invisible cable. She falls and rolls about 30 times of a distance of 200 feet as the momentum begins to slow her to an abrupt stop. “Uhh!” She signs as she picks herself up. She looks around scared and confused. “What was that,” she asks as her helmet begins to scan the area. She spots a cable that’s illuminating a beam of light to the right of her. She follows it as it leads to a capsule in the distance of about 20feet from her. “Rita,” she says as the capsule begins to open up. As the capsule opens, the pressure from it causes the dust to pick up from around it causing a blind spot. She sees a figure standing in the dust cloud. “Rita is that you, I'm here. I’m the one you were looking for. Sent by Alpha and Zordon” Melissa yells out. A huge boomerang with blades on the outside of it flies at her. She dodges it, narrowly missing her. “Who are you?” She calls out”. The boomerang circle around and strikes the White Ranger in the back knocking her to the ground. Melissa looks up at the figure now in clear view. It catches the weapon. “For my empress,” it says. Melissa stands up ready for battle. “Who are you,” she asks the figure. The figure stands and readies her weapon for a 2nd attack. “SCORPINA!” She yells as she launches towards the White Ranger.

Part One…

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