DinoLegacy Chapter Eight: Why Me

“It's done”. Jonathan says waiting for further instructions. “They're all down, what do you want us to do now”? Delvin asks the Vibration. Before he could answer, Tosha cuts him off. “Why did we have to kill them, we couldn't just bring them to our side”. “Show them what you showed us”? After a moment of pause, the Vibration responds. 

Sometimes people see only what they want to see. What makes a person a person, their actions. What they see as right or wrong, others perceive as an opportunity. It’s a complicated world of perception. Nothing is simple and I’ll show you. The vibration waves his hand over a small pool of water that shows Christina being rushed into a nearby Hospital. Nurses and Doctors flood a small room they turned into an emergency operating room due to the overwhelming amount of people coming in. Media and News outlets start to storm the hospital trying to cover the story about an alien woman being brought in. A woman named Melissa got the attention of a news correspondent. “Hey, over here. I was there with her. There were two of them. A red one and her, the Yellow one. They saved me”. Melissa tells him. 

All surrounding media turned their cameras and mics towards Melissa. Kyle, the correspondent for KCAL 9 News jumps in front of the story and announces an “Exclusive Interview with Melissa, the survivor of an Alien attack” as he puts a camera and mic in her face for comment. 

Melissa pauses with confusion as Kyle directs her to speak on the attack. “What happened to you during the harrowing attack just moments ago”? “Did you see the faces of the two aliens that attacked you”? “Are there more than the two you saw”? Melissa responds with a shaky voice. “I don’t know how many there are. I only saw Two”. “And they saved me, not attacked”. Kyle cuts her off. “Extra-Terrestrial Life are among us today”. “They attacked innocent people without warning”. Another woman standing behind Melissa in a crowd speaks out. “A pink one shot the yellow one with an arrow then disappeared”. “I was right there when it happened”. The media turns their attention to her as Melissa tries to tell them they didn’t attack her. “Who are you”? The news correspondent for ABC News asks. “I’m Tammy Watson, the CEO of Her Hair & Care INC on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Follow me right now for a 5% discount”. She turns towards the camera and fixes her hair. “Can you tell us what happened?” the correspondent asks. She takes his mic. “Yes, I sure can, I saw everything”!

I was just stepping out of my car when lightning struck the apartments. I ran and hid behind some trees. I didn’t know what to do. It sounded like a bomb went off. People were running and crying so I called the police and that’s when the whole building started to fall apart. I started to run backward from all the dirt and building crumbs, I can’t mess up this outfit baby. This is expensive with some savage underneath OK. Anyway! That's when these two people or somethings in colored jumpsuits came flying out. Child, I was so scared. The yellow one was calling out to someone named Ryan Calvin, I think! But while she was sitting there 3 more showed up. “3 more” the news correspondent questions. Yes, baby! 3 more. A green, blue, and pink one. That’s when the pink one-shot that yellow lady. “Lady? Are you saying that the yellow alien wasn't alien at all? But human?” He questions again. 

Yes, human. I was right there looking with my eyeballs. The pink one shot her like Robbin Hood then disappeared in lightning the color of a rainbow, like the one that hit them apartments. And there she was. A human lady in the same spot where the yellow was. “Did you get a closer look at this woman”? The correspondent asks. Bay-BE! I did more than that. I took a video, look.

As Tammy takes out her phone to show the news correspondent, a surge of energy hits the area covering a 3-mile radius knocking out all power and frying all electronic devices. 

The hospital goes dark as lightning rains down on Christina lifting her into the heavens. As Tammy smacks her phone trying to get it to turn on, she and the surrounding media teams are startled by two lightning strikes hitting a pile of rubble. The generators at the hospital kicks in and the power resumes. The head doctor that was prepping Christina began to question his staff for the whereabouts of his Jane Doe. 

The Vibration turns to the Dark Rangers and addresses them. “Perception, Choice, Opportunity. It’s all the same”. Delvin chimes in. “You knew they weren't dead”. The Vibration steps towards him. “They're strong. A simple building wouldn't stop them as it wouldn't you. I need to find the Morphin Grid but I can’t find its location without all 7 power coins”. “7 Power coins?” Tosha jumps in. “Yes. 7”, He says laying his hand on her shoulder. “Ryan, the Red coin holder sealed the entrance to the nexus point shut, and the only way to open it is with 7 keys”. “There’s a white coin somewhere, I just don’t know where, but I know the one that’s helping them does”. “He’s been two steps ahead of me and I don’t know how but, I've sensed a worthy signature coming from the building I sent you”. 

“You sent us there! It wasn’t an accident, was it”? Johnathan steps up to the vibration. “No”! He responds. “The signature was one like yours, a coin match. However I couldn’t just take her without a coin to corrupt so, I sent you guys there”. Delvin cuts in. “That could have killed us”! The vibration stepped closer to Delvin. “My plan succeeds on your survival. Don’t question it again,” he says while flying up into the sky. “I need to connect to your energies” the vibration floats 60ft above the ground as he locks onto the frequency the power rangers use for Morphing. “Who was that signature”? Johnathan asks. “Melissa,” he says as he locks in on the frequency.

Alphas Space Ship

“What’s going on Alpha? I can’t move” Ryan asks. “Don’t speak Ryan, save your energy. Everything will be ok” Alpha says while putting Ryan into a comatose state. Oh My God. Where am I? Who are you? What are you? Melissa asks stricken with fear. “You’re in a spaceship, I am Alpha 5, and you are the 7th coin bearer. A Power Ranger” he says while powering up the telepad. “No time to explain. I’ll tell you everything in-flight” Alpha says while moving her onto the telepad. “Here, take this” he places the white power coin in her hand.

“Ahhh!” She cries out as all the memories of past White Rangers flood her mind as the bonding takes place. Alpha puts in the coordinates to Ritas capsule. “You ready Melissa?” He asks. “Where am I going?” She cuts in. THE MOON! Alpha yells as the telepad powers up. “The MOON! And Who The Hell is Zordon?” She yells back as she is beamed into the heavens. “Please Zordon, be right about your sister,” Alpha says to himself while powering down the ship to conserve power for the incubation units the rangers are in. 

As Melissa rockets out on the earth's atmosphere, the vibration lands. “What do we do now?” Johnathan asks. “We wait,” he says while walking over to a cell he made holding captive citizens of Los Angeles. He looks at a little girl holding her puppy. A man standing next to her steps in front to protect her. “You protect this child from me. Who will protect you?” The vibration asks as the little girl grabs the man's hand. He looks down at her to see her face white with black veins and solid black eyes.

The vibration turns and walks away as the cries and screams of the citizens ring out as they attack and corrupt each other. 


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