DinoLegacy Chapter Five: The Vibration

Updated: May 24, 2020

Angel Grove High 10:45 am

In a bolt of Red lightning, Ryan lands in Angel Grove High School. “Where is everyone Alpha,” he asks. “I don’t know Ryan Kwan of Earth” he replies. “Stay alert ranger,” Alpha says as he begins to scan the area for life forms. Ryan walks the hall of the school grounds looking for anyone. “Hello is anybody there!, I'm here to help, I guess”. “Alpha, why am I here,” he asks. “The Grid picked up on another signature matching yours” he replied. “I have a twin or something,” Ryan says laughing. “Your coin’s signature” Alpha 9 responds. “Hello!” Ryan yells walking deeper into the school. His suit starts to glow and pulsate as he gets closer towards the end of the hallway. “Stay alert ranger, I can’t pick up on any lifeforms and this is a school” Alpha 9 states. Ryan approaches a door and the end of the hallway. He hears a faint hum and opens the door. His suit glows bright red illuminating the hallway as he is sent flying backwards by the corrupted Calvin Taylor. 

Wham! He slams into the wall behind. “Ryan! Ryan!” “Are you ok?” Alpha 9 asks. Calvin kicks Ryan in the helmet knocking him upright, Punching him in the chest knocking the air out of him. Ryan falls to his knees as corrupted Calvin grabs him by the throat with both hands picking him up. Calvin then slams Ryan into the ground cracking it beneath them both. Ryan grabs the wrist of Calvin and pulls his neck free. “Alpha”? “Who is this”? “Why is he this strong”? “That’s the matching signature!” Alpha says with excitement. “Now don’t hurt him” Alpha states. Ryan rolls backward pushing off of Calvin at the same time. “My suit, why does it keep glowing”? Ryan asks. Calvin runs towards Ryan. Ryan stiffs arms Calvin and holds him in-place while his suits red energy glow begins to fill and surround corrupted Calvin. “Your connection to the Grid is filtering out the negative force inside him” Alpha 9 states. “Keep doing that, it’s working,” he says to Ryan. “I don’t even know how I’m doing it” Ryan expresses. Corrupted Calvin grabs Ryan’s arm trying to free himself but the pull of the red energy is too much. Ryan with his left-hand places it on Calvin's forehead. The red energy has fully immersed Calvin. 

Just as the power began to cleanse Calvin, a deep vibrating aura begins to slowly make its way towards Ryan. “What Now!” Ryan says out of frustration. The aura latches onto Ryan. Ryan screams as the aura begins to suck the life and power from him. “You have to fight it, Ryan don’t let it consume you,” Alpha says. As Ryan struggles to fight off the aura, Calvin's hand reaches out of the cocoon of red energy as the aura is cut in half by a coin dashing into Calvin’s hand. “MASTODON!” Calvin commands as the dark aura is pulled from his body by the power of the great beast, the Mastodon. “You did it, Calvin of Earth, you have morphed into the Black Power Ranger”. “The Mammut is now your guardian, well Mastodon is the better name for it”. “Anyway, I’m Alpha 9, it's nice to finally have found you”. “There is one more of you to find but first, duck!” Alpha warns Calvin.

A blast of dark energy flew by Calvin as he narrowly dodges it. “Now uploading all past Black Mastodon rangers battle experiences into your DNA makeup now” Alpha warns Calvin. “Wait what?” Calvin asks. Uhh! Calvin sighs in pain as the rush of knowledge is forced into him. AaahahhHH! Ryan cries out as he is hit by the aura. “Leave him alone” Calvin demands the aura. The aura dashes at Calvin knocking him backwards. Sliding backwards, Calvin catches himself with his right foot and launches off the ground flying towards the aura and passes through it crashing into a wall. Ryan punches the vibration but his fist passes through it. Calvin dusting himself off says to himself, “I wish I had a weapon to hurt that damn thing.” “You do! Calvin,” Alpha 9 says to him. “Say the command, Power Ax and there you go.” “Ok, here’s nothing,” “Power Ax!” Calvin shouts as a blast of black energy forms in front of him as the energy negatively affects the vibration sending if falling to the ground. Reaching into the ball of energy, Calvin pulls of the Power Ax. A weapon wielded by the previous Mastodon rangers. “This thing feels great,” speaking to Alpha. “Your weapon has 3 modes, Ax mode, Cannon mode, and Combination mode,” “You can activate,” Got it! Calvin says to Alpha cutting him off mid-sentence. Racing towards the vibration he shoots a cannon blast from the power ax hitting the vibration square in the center hurting it.

The vibration screams in pain as it is finally hurt. Calvin shoots off another 3 shots hitting it again and again. “Woooo! This feels good,” Calvin said with excitement. Ryan looking at Calvin enjoying himself, “I want some of this.” Power Ax! Ryan yells but nothing happens. Power Ax! Power Ax! What the fuck! Ryan shouts out of frustration. “Alpha, where are you?” “What’s going on,” “My Ax isn't working.” Power Ax! Ryan commands again. Calvin becoming distracted by Ryan is shot point-blank by the vibration. “Calvin!” Ryan shouts running to his aid when he is blasted back by the attack of the vibration’s dark aura beam. The vibration shoots the power ax out of Calvin’s hand and begins to choke him lifting him off the ground. Hanging by the vibration, Calvin tries to grab onto it but his hands pass through it. Helpless to do anything, Calvin is at the mercy of the vibration. Picking himself up, Ryan is shocked with fear as he sees Calvin helplessly hanging. He races to help Calvin when the vibration grabs him by the throat and suspends him next to Calvin. 

“See, I’ll kill you both, now you can watch each other die,” the vibration says in a dark distorted tone. Unable to speak and catch their footing, the rangers began to panic as the thought of their loved ones being murdered by their failure in stopping the vibration takes over. With their spirits broken, their power suits demorphed them back into their civilian forms. “Now, Rise My Children,” the vibration says to Calvin and Ryan. As the two look at each other with hopeless eyes, they slowly begin to be corrupted by the vibration. “Yes, two more for my collection,” “Not so fast,” a voice says in the distance. 

Power Daggers! Is heard as two shiny blades with golden handles rip through the vibration causing it to let loose Calvin and Ryan. Laying on the ground catching his breath, Ryan sees a person fighting the vibration back. “I’ve brought backup guys,” Alpha 9 reassures Ryan and Calvin. “Where have you been!” Calvin shouts at Alpha. “Duh! backup,” Alpha cracks back at Calvin. “Meet Christina Hart, The Yellow Power Ranger.” “Force of the Saber-Toothed Tiger!” Christina commands as a yellow ball of energy is shot from her hands scattering the vibration into fragments as the energy ball latches onto the fragments crashing them through the wall into the open space behind them. Christina tells Ryan and Calvin to rest as she hops out of the school onto the courtyard. “You won’t hurt anyone else, I won’t let you,” she threatens the vibration. “You can’t save them, you couldn't even save Kayla,” “Your precious butterbean,” The vibration taunts Christina. “Fuck you!” Christina yells as she throws a power dagger at it. The vibration catches it and throws it back at her but she catches it midair as she flies at the vibration with such force that the air surrounding her splits. She stabs the vibration in the center but the blade passes through it. She then whips the dagger around in her hand and stabs it again. The vibration then pushes her back with a shockwave causing her to lose balance. He follows up that attack with another shockwave and a final dark aura beam sending her crashing onto the pavement. 

The vibration begins to float up as he commands the wind and shadows that surround him to his aid as he charges up an attack. Christina tries to gain her footing but the force of the wind shoves her back onto the pavement. On her back, she takes the full force of the wind as the vibration nears its charge. The shadows from the surrounding areas form into a dark aura beam of concentrated energy aimed directly at Christina’s heart. “Now you join your daughter,” the vibration says to Christina. It launches the attack at Christina. “I'm sorry butterbean,” she says to herself as the dark aura shadow beam rockets towards her. 

Power Sword! Ryan commands as his sword’s blade slices the beam, sending it into two rays piercing the pavement on both sides on Christina’s head. Power Ax! Cannon Mode! Calvin fires a barrage of blasts at the vibration sending it falling from the sky. Rushing to her side, Ryan assists Christina getting up as Calvin takes knee in front of them with the Power Ax in cannon mode ready for attack. As the three Power Rangers ready themselves for a showdown with the vibration, it gets a message from a howling aura hovering over it. “There you are, the source of their power,” it says looking at the rangers. “What are we waiting for,” Calvin asks Ryan. As Ryan stares at the vibration as he’s in deep thought, Calvin shoots off blast after blast of cannon shots as Christina throws a power dagger powered up with yellow energy at the vibration. Before it is hit by their attacks, it vanishes. 

“Damn!” Calvin says frustrated. Christina caught her power dagger has it flew back to her like a boomerang while addressing Ryan. “What is it,” “Why didn’t you attack it, we could have stopped it?” “Didn’t you guys hear it?” “The Source of our Power,” Ryan questions with concern in his voice. “Oh No!” Alpha 9 chimes in. “I believe it found the Morphin Grid, well the Nexus Point to the Morphin Grid,” “That’s the source of your power.” “If it gets to it and corrupts it, there are no Power Rangers.” As Alpha addresses the Rangers, corrupted appear out of nowhere surrounding the team of rangers. “I don’t think it wants us to find it,” Christina says powering up her power daggers as Calvin and Ryan power up their weapons. 

The Vibration teleported into the center of corrupted citizens located at Angel Grove Park. “There you are,” the vibration says as it begins to float and summon winds and shadows from the surrounding area as it charges up. “The Power Is Mine!” It says as it focuses its blast into a vacant spot in the Middle of Angel Grove Park. The blast tears a hole in space opening up a portal as the surrounding corrupted screech as if cheering and worshipping the Vibration. Peaking through the hole, the vibration sees the many crystals making up the Morphin Grid. “It Is Finished!” it says reaching out its hands pulling open the Nexus.

The corrupted screeching gets louder with excitement as their Master opens the Nexus to the Morphin Grid. 


To Be Continued...


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